Frustrating To-Do Lists Made Easy

Man cleans upholstery on sectional.

Do you ever procrastinate on an easy task just because you don’t know the first step to take? I have a frustrating and rather lengthy to-do list at the moment and I know it’s that first step that is holding me back from accomplishing most of it.

1. Incorporate my business. It’s complicated because I am a dual citizen living in Canada.
2. File my taxes. It’s complicated because…see above.
3. Renovate/decorate the condo. We desperately need some storage solutions!
4. And on the list goes…

Usually, Google or a trusted friend would be where I would seek advice on the things on this list but sometimes the advice is contradictory or overwhelming or nowhere to be found.

Late this Spring, my boyfriend was on his way out of town for a business trip and he started listing off some things that he wanted me to take care of before he got back. “While I’m gone…” I had to laugh because I remember my dad doing the same thing to my mom as we were on the way to drop him off at the airport. She didn’t take kindly to it and I don’t either.

One of the things on Nathan’s list was carpet cleaning. I literally didn’t even give it a second thought because I had no clue who to call about getting our carpets cleaned. Do you get several quotes? How many Google reviews do you read before you feel like you can trust this company to come into your home? I had so many hesitations and questions, I just didn’t even try to find the answers. Then I found out about Atco launching Rümi.

Rümi (pronounced “roomie”) provides solutions for homeowners, by connecting
them with trusted professionals. When I checked out their website, I noticed that carpet cleaning was part of their offerings and since they recruit local, mostly family-run businesses that then go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet ATCO’s high standards of service and safety, I knew this was the solution to our carpet cleaning needs!

A couple of weeks later, (I did wait until Nathan was home so he could help me move all the furniture off of the carpets.) our technician showed up and did a spectacular job of getting our carpets cleaned. Everything booked and paid for through Rümi. The process is easy and hassle-free. has a list of home services that are available and you can book online.

Now, I just need Rümi to vet and recommend a cross-border tax and business advisor!


Bedroom Carpet Cleaning

Our technician did a thorough job. Tip: You have to give them permission to open the closet doors if you want the carpet in the closet cleaned.


Freshly Cleaned Rug and Sectional

Tip: Book your carpet cleaning in the morning so that everything can dry before the evening when you want to put your furniture back.

Worthington PR reached out to me after seeing my Instagram story about using Rümi for carpet cleaning and they offered the service in exchange for a post. I am so glad to say that this will be a service I will use again and happily pay for. Honest opinions always.

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