One Day In Rome

One Day In Rome

On the way to our second annual family vacation in Sicily, I seized on the opportunity to book a one-day layover in Rome so we could crash my parent’s Airbnb and see a city that we had never been to before. My parents have been to Rome several times so I knew that they would know the best way to see the highlights during our short stay in Italy’s capital city.

Max and I flew from Calgary to Newark, NJ and then on to Rome, arriving at 10am. We took a short nap and then hit the ground running! I’ll share more about how I packed and dressed to make this the most stress-free travel and exploration day but in this post, I thought I’d just show you a photo journal of all that we saw in our one-day layover in Rome.

First stop in Rome should be for a quick slice of pizza. Pizzeria La Boccaccia
I am always hungry for a slice and Max was definitely needing some fuel to wake up from his nap and take on the city of Rome. This little pizza shop was a few blocks away from our Airbnb and right on our way to the Colosseum.
Pizzeria La Boccaccia
Pizza by the slice so you can sample as many kinds and as much as you like!
Pizzeria La Boccaccia
The Colosseum was incredibly busy so we decided to save the tour for another time and we viewed it from outside only.
The Colosseum. Rome, Italy
The Colosseum. Impressive from any angle!
Triumphal Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy.
Max was particularly impressed with the Arch of Constantine.
Ruins, Rome, Italy.
Having Mom as our tour guide on the one-day whirlwind tour of Rome was incredibly helpful! Max really wanted to go exploring when we saw these ruins.
Roman Forum. Ruins. Rome Italy
The Roman Forum. Rome, Italy
After Max hopped down all the steps of the Vittorio, he had a burst of energy so we walked back to the Airbnb instead of taking a taxi. This is one of the streets on the way back.
Il Pastaio di Roma fresh pasta to go Rome Italy Via Dei Coronari
After dropping Max off with my Dad, Mom and I took an Uber to an antique and vintage shopping district called Via Dei Coronari. We had to stop for a quick bite when we saw this cute fresh pasta-to-go place called Il Pastaio di Roma.
Via Dei Coronari, Rome Italy
This pedestrian shopping street called Via Dei Coronari had so many vintage shops that I was dying to spend hours and dollars in!
The Pantheon was next on the list of places that Mom said I must visit and it was every bit as beautiful as she said it would be!
Trevi Fountain in the daylight Rome Italy
You can tell I am getting tired here but “Wow” am I in awe of Trevi Fountain!
Rome Italy
Max and Dad hopped in an Uber and joined us for dinner and dessert.
Trevi Fountain night Rome Italy
We ate dinner within a block of Trevi Fountain so that we could see it at night. STUNNING!
Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy
Trevi Fountain, the perfect way to end one day in Rome!

One day in Rome is not nearly enough and yet, we were so happy with what we managed to do in that one day and we determined that we have to return soon for a more leisurely visit.

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