The Loft Speaker Series – Health and Wellness Experts in Calgary

Last week I was invited to attend The Loft Speaker Series hosted by Amanda Hamilton Interior Design. The panel was comprised of Orsha Magyar of Neurotrition, Allison Cullen of BEACH healthy beauty bar, Canadian Olympic Contender and Physical Trainer Ricardo Charles, and Dr. Amy Bender of the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance.

Orsha Magyar spiked my interest to learn more and renewed my desire to focus on eating for brain health. While getting her MSc in Neuroscience from The University of British Columbia, Orsha studied brain health, anxiety and the neural underpinnings of stress from multiple angles. Now, she takes holistic nutrition to a new level by integrating it with her science background. LOVE THIS!!! She and Allison Cullen both talked about the benefits of intermittent fasting which I am hearing more and more good things about.

Allison Cullen talked about taking away the stigma of aging and letting ourselves age gracefully and naturally…I am all for this!

Ricardo Charles told me to pay attention to Max’s interests when it comes to putting him in sports and recommended the U of C’s Run, Jump, Throw program.

Dr. Amy Bender, said that I CAN catch up on my sleep but that we all need 7 – 9 hours! She recommended lots of light exposure in the morning for better sleep at night and stronger resilience to the effects of blue light. Screens off an hour before bed!

Loved this series, and the generous glass of wine served with it. Thanks, Lana Rogers for the invite, The Guardian Calgary for sponsoring, Amanda Hamilton for moderating and hosting, and to the speakers for breaking the knowledge down in bite-size, digestible pieces.

The price point for tickets is ridiculously low ($10 – $20) and the money goes to a local charity. Calgary needs more of this!

I was generously hosted as media at this event.

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