Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Calgary – 2016

The new Hy's Steak House in Calgary, Alberta, December 14, 2014. Photograph by Todd Korol

1. Pigeonhole – One of Calgary’s most beloved chefs, Justin Leboe, opened this wine bar next to his Model Milk restaurant and it is such a great addition to the Calgary food scene. The exterior is just as mysterious as the interior is charming and romantic. Small plates of intriguing ingredients that will have you ordering seconds are served on delicate, mismatched china. The people behind the cocktail list, David Bain, and wine menu, Andrew Stewart, are just as talented as Leboe and his chef de cuisine Garret B. Martin. My recommendation is to sit down, tell them to bring whatever they want and let the magic begin. Trust me…epic romance!

2. Ox and Angela – If you like a little bit of spice with your romance and your meal, this tapas bar is the place to go. Small, cozy space where sharing is expected and over-ordering is the name of the game. This is their quote, “The philosophy of this food is to have as many dishes in front of you as can fit on the table, the flavours of each plate work well alone but somehow are better when mixed with a little bit of everything else.” Tell me that doesn’t spell L-O-V-E! Make sure to order the Patatas Bravas, crispy fried baby potatoes, bravas sauce and garlic allioli.

3. Brasserie Kensington – I fell in love with Brasserie the minute I walked in five years ago. There is something about the floor to ceiling windows facing Kensington Road that adds to the rustic glamour of this space. Chef Cam Dobranski is hands down my favourite chef in Calgary because of his unapologetic love of feeding heaps of decandent food to his diners, his warm-hearted smiles and hugs, and his epic beard! Eat something fried in duck fat and drink some Scotch, the selection is endless!

4. Vintage – Let’s talk old-school, elegant, grown-up romance over a perfectly cooked steak, classic sides and amazing wine with live jazz in the background–that is Vintage Chophouse. Excellent food and service guaranteed. Read my full review here: Vintage Chophouse and Tavern.

5. Hy’s Steakhouse – Sophisticated and glamorous steakhouse with modern touches like wine lists on iPads coexisting with classically austere servers who speak calmy and kindly as they make sure everything is perfect on your table. Request one of the booths and you will be surrounded with luxurious fabrics, dazzling mirrors and you might not want to leave. Full review here: Ladies Who Lunch – Luxury.

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