Top 5 Places To Go in Calgary When You Are Single on Valentine’s Day

1. Native Tongues – Lively but cozy vibe with incredible food and drinks. Native Tongues opened last year and has become a favourite spot of mine for lunch and dinner with friends. (When my ex was visiting from New York and complained about missing his corner taco stand in Brooklyn, I packed up him and Max and surprised him with Calgary’s very own authentic Mexican food.) Grab a friend and head on down to enjoy some scrumptious tacos and a few of their specialty cocktail, the Mezcalgarita!

2. Oak Tree Tavern – This friendly pub is always packed full of faithful locals who probably don’t want the rest of Calgary to discover what a gem it is. Grab a group of single friends, order a bunch of Spicy Tuna Poppers and some drinks and get rowdy! Single life is fun–celebrate it!

3. Craft – You can hang out at Craft with a couple of friends or a large group and feel comfortable either way. Service is great, flatbreads are aweseome and you just might meet someone interesting. I may or may not be speaking from experience… ahem, Jeff…oh wait, I got sidetracked! Craft is a great place to start off your night and then move on to National or Briggs, both are just next door, or just stay and keep ordering Flatbreads and drinks.

4. Anejo – Loud, fun and a selection of over 200 tequilas…how could one go wrong here? Order the Nachos and Jug of Margarita’s!

5. Singapore Sam’s – If you haven’t been to Singapore Sam’s after midnight, I beg you to round up your pals and go. It’s an experience that can not really be explained but trust me, you will have fun. They are open until 4 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so this would be a Valentine’s Day prep location…cue evil laughter!

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