These Boots Were Made For Walking… In Winter!

The last time I bought winter boots was in 2009–it was winter in New York and I was pregnant. I had three requirements when I went shopping: The boots had to be warm, easy to put on and they had to have good treads so that I wouldn’t slip on the ice. That was six years ago and I have happily worn those same boots every winter.

This year, I was invited to check out the selection at Mark’s Canada and I was overwhelmed with the selection! By the time I finished trying on over twenty pairs of boots, the store manager was asking if I worked there. A few of the employees were wearing some of the boots I tried on and they raved about being able to walk in them all day and so with their help I narrowed my selection down to three pairs of boots. Extravagant, right? Not really…Mark’s Canada has a 100 day return policy and I wanted to walk around the house to make sure the boots were as comfortable as claimed.

I used up a lot of space at Mark's Canada.

I used up a lot of space at Mark’s Canada.


One of my favourite pairs are the Kodiak “Acadia” waterproof leather boots equipped with lightweight Thinsulate™ insulation.  They are rugged boots that I like to style with skinny jeans and big sweaters. They have fully sealed seams and slip-resistant rubber outsoles. If you use custom orthotics the leather insoles are removable.

These rugged boots are going to see a lot of use!

These rugged boots are going to see a lot of use!

What I like most about the Kodiak “Acadia” is that they are super comfortable, warm and I haven’t slipped once the ice!

Another pair that I came home with is the Timberland “Stoddard”. They are also waterproof leather with a waterproof membrane to keep you dry, along with anti-odour properties so that feet feel fresh. A side zip allows for easy on-and-off while the lug outsole enhances grip.

The Timberland "Stoddard" in black is like a winterized riding boot.

The Timberland “Stoddard” in black is like a winterized riding boot.

I was so grateful to be wearing these when the snow came in Calgary! They are not as dressy as my classic riding boots but they are much dressier than most winter boots. I have worn them with everything from a wool pencil skirt to black leggings with an oversized sweater. Ridiculously comfortable and very warm, the first day I wore them was an all-day Halloween affair in Kensington. I chased Max around for hours and then took him trick-or-treating…my feet were happy all day long.

Warmth, comfort and grip are all taken care of with the Timberland “Stoddards” too. As a matter of fact, I stopped for a pedestrian last week and watched as they timidly took a few steps onto the icy road before turning around and going back to the sidewalk. I looked down at my boots, put my hazard lights on and asked if I could help him cross. A cyclist stopped and grabbed the pedestrians other arm and we all crossed the road safely. Good boots made all the difference!

Did I end up keeping more than these two pairs? Stay tuned and I’ll let you know just how extravagant I was!


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