These Boots Are Replacing My Uggs

The snow has finally hit us in Calgary and I have been slipping on a new pair of boots that I picked up at Mark’s Canada. The Baffin “Ease” Tall Boot is rated for temperatures of  10° to -30°C and I guarantee you that a pair of these are more comfortable than anything else in your footwear collection.

The most surprising thing I have found since wearing them are the compliments from women of all ages.  Don’t get me wrong, these are not high fashion boots but I do think they are cuter than Uggs. These are the boots that I throw on when I’m running out the door to pick up Max from school. Or when I’m running errands and I want to be comfortable and warm.


The Baffin “Ease” Tall Boots from Mark’s Canada

These Baffins are the third and final pair that I ended up keeping from my epic shopping trip to Mark’s Canada. You can read my reviews of the other two pairs here: These Boots Were Made For Walking…In Winter!

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