Making Room for Moments

Minutes fly by like seconds, unobserved for the most part. Every now and then life stops us in our tracks and forces us to hold a moment captive, reminding us that the true treasures in our life are the memories that we create. In those times, we all tend agree that we need to intentionally slow down and enjoy the little things. That we need to be more present and not let our connections and experiences be mundane and fleeting.

I find that, even after determining to make room for more quality time for myself and for my relationships with family and friends, I still let the minutes speed by while I am busy and distracted. As 2015 comes to an end, and I am looking to the year ahead, I am determined to maximize meaningful experiences with those I love. To not only grab the spontaneous moments to dance in the kitchen with my son, or put away my phone and watch a sunset, or take a last-minute road trip with friends but to consciously seek out moments and plan amazing experiences…like concerts!

Concerts are always high on my list of things to do–music elevates experiences like nothing else can. Two of my top highlights from 2015 were live music events. I went to Brooklyn Bowl to hear Allen Stone and then Brandi Carlile came to Calgary and performed at MacEwan Hall! Through my concert experiences, I have learned that in order to enjoy live music, you have to plan out a few things.

1. My concert companions must have as much of an appreciation as I do for the performer we are going to see. My girlfriend, Tonia and I sang every lyric and danced in our heels for the entire Allen Stone concert and soon realized that there were two male voices directly behind us joining in! (Yes, they were hot guys–Bonus!)

2. My concert companion can not be someone who wants to chat during the performance. Plenty of time for that at dinner beforehand!

3. My concert companion can not want to take my attention away from the stage! (My guy friends tell me that I’m not a good date at a concert because they think concerts are romantic and I’m all about the music.)

Luckily, I am off to a promising start in 2016 thanks to Amex Invites. American Express Canada has opened it’s doors to
Canadians, even if you’re not a cardmember, allowing them to experience the benefits American Express Invites has to offer. As part of this, all Canadians can visit Amex Invites for a one-time access promo code to use with select Front Of The Line shows.

I am so excited to sample one of these experiences which is–early ticket access to Rihanna’s Anti World Tour through Front Of The Line. I just need a plus-one to enjoy the concert with and like I mentioned above, I have all sorts of rules about that.

Shall we create some moments together? You can visit Amex Invites to get a special Access code and then use that code for one time access to select concerts.

Leave me a comment here or on Facebook and let me know what you think about the rules I have for my concert companion. I’d love to hear what concert you are looking forward to going to and who you want to enjoy it with. Do you have prerequisites for who you enjoy a concert with?

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