Wishing You Moments of Wonder and Cheer!

We put up our Christmas Tree today. Super late, I know. It’s been a busy winter for us and, honestly, it hasn’t felt like Christmas yet to me. I ordered some gifts online and bought the rest this week (yesterday, if you want to get specific).

When we were almost finished, Max was waiting at the light switch and when I hung the last ornament he switched off the lights and sighed. He sat cross-legged on the floor with a smile and said, “Let’s just sit here and look at our tree, Mom!”

I was sweaty, frustrated, and tired from wrestling the tree, the lights, and a four-year-old who wanted to be involved in every step of the process. The Folksy Christmas Spotify playlist was cranking out the first few soothing strains of Oh Holy Night by Tracy Chapman. The tree hung heavy with ornaments and memories. Max sat expectantly, waiting to enjoy our efforts with me. So, I sat cross-legged beside him and began to soak it in.

We are ok. We are healthy and together. Christmas is going off without a hitch, so far. We have a lot of love in our lives, an incredible family and steadfast friends.

My eyes filled up with tears and my shoulders felt just a little bit lighter.

Then Max got tired of the sacred air of quiet and wonder that filled the room.

“We need different music! Play a happy song, Mom!”

I switched to a Contemporary Christmas playlist. It wasn’t satisfactory. I tried the Rockin’ Christmas playlist. Nothing was hitting the mark. Finally Max said, “I want that song that says, I’m so happy that nothing you do will upset me.” I started “Happy” by Pharrell and Max gave me a thumbs-up.

Then we danced in the light of the tree and my son’s delight crammed my heart full of joy and gratefulness. Now, it’s officially Christmas and I could not ask for a better gift than these moments.

I wish all of you moments full of wonder and cheer! Merry Christmas!

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