The Ball Is In My Kitchen

Fast Feet, as taught by Scott Irons at PASS, is going to trip me up!

Fast Feet, as taught by Scott Irons at PASS, is going to trip me up!

Max is playing U6 Indoor Soccer this season with Calgary Northside Soccer (CNS) and I reluctantly agreed to coach after three emails begging for volunteers. I spent a week on Googling U6 Soccer and had to YouTube “how to run a soccer practice”. CNS assured me that it is all about fun at this age and that they would make sure I was equipped to run the practices. We had our first practice last Friday night and I came away feeling decently optimistic about the season, the kids, parents and my wonderfully helpful Assistant Coach and Team Manager.

I felt that optimism way too soon! Last night, CNS hosted a mini-training for new coaches of U6 and U8 teams and sent out Scott Irons of the Premier Academy of Soccer Skills to teach us some basics. I came prepared to learn technical terms, skills and games to play with the kids and even to go through a few of the exercises for demonstration purposes.

After three hours of Fast Feet, coordination drills, crab soccer, shuffles, sprints, and mind games, I was exhausted. Scott spoke about listening skills throughout the session and I was still one of the few who raced across the gym when he yelled “Gopher” instead of “Go”. He had us do the Grapevine back and forth a few times and I came close to face planting and instead just twisted my ankle with flair. I got schooled so hard! I couldn’t stop laughing at how unfit I am and how ridiculous it is that I am being trusted to instill some skills into these kids.

I am, however, always up for a challenge and I have a feeling that this is going to be a challenge that is both fun and rewarding. My team of bright-eyed and smiling kids are definitely going to have a good time and hopefully going to learn to be comfortable with the ball at their feet. Anything beyond that is going to feel like a major success since I am not even comfortable with the ball at my feet yet.  Until then, this is how I will be moving around the house:


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