Prescription For Irritability

The outside world is shut out of my mind tonight.  Max is watching The Magic School Bus and I am enjoying the calm before the storm of a busy work week ahead.  James Vincent McMorrow is slaying me through my headphones with his haunting rendition of “Wicked Games”.  If you haven’t heard him sing it, you should listen immediately. I have this on repeat this evening.

Do you ever have those moments when something is bothering you and even though you have the ability to fix the situation you don’t fix it because you are fixated on the fact that you are being bothered? Like riding in the car and being hot or cold but not adjusting the temperature controls because you are too busy complaining about being hot or cold? Or being grumpy because you are hungry but you are too busy doing something so you don’t just stop and eat so that you aren’t grumpy anymore? I am guilty of both of those behaviours and after resolving the situation I always wonder why I didn’t resolve it sooner.

Music is one of those over-all remedies for me that I often neglect to provide myself with. My mood and energy can be completely changed by a moving lyric, a beautiful melody or a driving rhythm. Yesterday, I was grumpy and that might be an understatement. I was extremely irritable until I decided to take things in hand and play some music.

First, I listened to Little Dragon’s “Twice” and then Lianne La Havas’ cover of Little Dragon’s “Twice”. That led to Lianne La Havas and Joss Stone covering Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” and by that time I was a new person. Today I continued on a Lianne La Havas kick and didn’t stop until tonight when I switched to James Vincent McMorrow.  Tomorrow when I go into the YYCFoodTrucks and Fiasco Gelato office they will not appreciate my musical choices and will instead be playing either Mumford and Sons or The Beach Boys.  I won’t complain but I will come home and listen to “Wicked Games” and “Twice” probably every night this week.

Like I said, it is going to be a crazy busy week at work so I will need music!  The Calgary Home + Garden Show is coming to Calgary on Thursday and Food Truck Alley will be there again!  If you have been craving some gourmet street food, you can win tickets by entering my contest on Facebook.  Just click here and tell me which YYCFoodTruck you want to order from at The Calgary Home + Garden Show’s Food Truck Alley this year.

Don’t leave without commenting with your opinion of James Vincent McMorrow or sharing a link to your favorite escape music!


  • Mel says:

    Misty, wonderfully written! I loved your song choice and agree 100% that music is great therapy. In the weeks after I knew I was divorcing from my first wife, I listened to Sade’s “King of Sorrows” over and over. It seemed odd that such a melancholy song could heal, but it did. I will be adding James Vincent McMorrow to my play list! Keep blogging!

  • Ruth says:

    If I had to describe that song in one word it would be ‘haunting’. I very much enjoyed listening. Take care of yourself Misty. XOXO

  • Rachael says:

    I loved his version, but I was already a fan of the song, so perhaps I am bias. I’m looking up the other artists now.

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