Frugal Fashion for a Working Mom

20140101_162904My memories of shopping malls begin at the corner of Memorial Drive and 36th Street in North East Calgary. Marlborough Mall is where I remember having Edo Japan for the first time and where I took the bus to with my girlfriends as a young teen. Then I moved across town and completely forgot about this little mall in the heart of NE Calgary.

When I was contacted and asked to put together a “head-to-toe” outfit from Marlborough Mall, I was very curious to see how the mall had changed over the past, oh let’s just say, few years because the real number of years is too disturbing. It felt like I was coming home–familiar layout, friendly store employees and frugal prices are just what I remember from days gone by.

I was given $150 and told to select an outfit for either me or Max. I ended up spending the $150 on myself and then spending $50 out my own pocket for Max. If you are looking for your money to go a long way, I suggest you take a walk down memory lane with me and head over to Marlborough Mall.



All Over Lace Top $11.25 – Ardene at Marlborough Mall
Trousers $29.99 – Le Chateau at Marlborough Mall
Blazer $62.96 – Le Chateau at Marlborough Mall
Shoes $39.98 – Call It Spring at Marlborough Mall

Do you have favorite childhood or teenage memories that involve a shopping mall?  I’d love to hear your stories!

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