Bocce – A Fresh Italian Eatery on Fourth Street

4th Street SW in Calgary is a happy place. With over thirty-five restaurants to choose from, how could it not be a happy place?  The latest restaurant to open is one of the brightest and cheeriest spaces I have visited in a while. From the funky Fiat outside that will soon be one in a fleet of delivery vehicles, to the fresh and modern decor inside, the concept that is Bocce is unique, fun and classy.


The open kitchen with it’s gorgeous marble-clad wood-burning pizza oven, is the perfect mix between commercial and Oh-My-God-I-Want-This-Exact-Kitchen-In-My-House.


Shall we talk about the food? It’s good. It’s real good. I started with the Quattro Formaggi pizza (provolone, gorganzola torta, mozzarella, fiore di latte and rosemary honey and though I tried some other slices that competed hard for first place, Quattro Formaggi is the pizza I am ordering first when I return. Following closely behind would be the Pascolo pizza (rapini, mozzarella, pancetta and chili oil) and the Manzo pizza (seasoned beef, onion, provolone, mozzarella, jalapenos).


Bocce has a full menu that goes beyond pizza, you can check it out on their website and you can drool over their food porn on Instagram and Twitter as well. Better yet, go try it for yourself!

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