A Calgary Valentine – Part 1

February is a month for love and beauty.

February is a month for love and beauty.

February has the potential to go either way for me. Maybe you can relate? I guess most months, or even days, hold the promise of either fantastically great or devastatingly horribly outcomes but February in particular has seemed undecided and even a little threatening to me.  As with every other month, and day, the outcome will rest largely on how I attack it.

Last week I was standing in the card aisle of the pharmacy and I had to do an abrupt 180 to distract myself from the red proclamations of life-time love so I didn’t get teary-eyed in the store. It wouldn’t be the first time that I have cried in public recently but it’s been a bit longer than “seven hours and fifteen days” so I figure it’s time to pull myself together and stop crying in public.

I have not addressed my relationship status on this blog for a while but I figure this is as good a month as any to get past the awkward self-reference–my husband and I are separated.  So February, this first single February, with it’s internationally celebrated day of romantic love, is looming large in front of me. I can’t escape the hearts and sappy statements, the red and the pink, the balloons and the roses. I can’t escape any of it–I have to live every fluffy day of it.

I’ve decided that I need something to distract me until February 14th has come and gone and it needs to be something wonderful. My big idea? I am going to focus on Calgary for the next fourteen days!

Where to go in Calgary, what to do, what to buy, what you can eat and how YOU can make Calgary work for you this Valentine’s Day.  It’s a great big “I love you!” to the beautiful city of Calgary.

Ready or not, February, here I come!


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