This Is The World We Live In – Ivan Fernandez

My friend, SamiJoe, shared the story of Ivan Fernandez on her FB page and I have to pass it along.  First of all, take a good long look at this gorgeous face.  Now stop it!  He’s too young for you anyway.   Besides, he is more than just a pretty face–someone raised this boy right!

On December 2, 2012, Ivan was running a cross country race in Spain and was coming in at second place behind another race named, Abel Mutai.  Ivan knew he wasn’t going to win but then he saw Mutai slow down as if he had crossed the finish line.  Mutai was giving victory waves to the public thinking that he had won and instead of passing him to take first place, Ivan decided to run with Mutai to make sure he crossed the finish line.  Sportmanship?  Gentlemanly conduct?  Compassion for a competitor?  Yes!  This is the world we live in!

More details are in the following articles as well as Ivan’s blog.  (The link I am sharing is through Google Translate.)

Vancouver Sun

Global Post

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