This Is The World We Live In – Be Proud!

A few months ago, a family lost their dog to cancer.  Yesterday the kids posted this on Facebook:

Two Girls and a Puppy

As I type this post, 1,188,191 people have liked this picture. (Click on the image above to check out their FB page.)  Social media, cute kids and a heartfelt plea somehow reached over 1 million people in 1 day!  I have to admit, I’m in awe.  In awe of social media and the reach it has in our lives and in awe of all the people who saw this picture and were moved enough to click ‘Like’.  It’s not a campaign that will change the world but it does speak to the soft-hearted, beautiful people that surround us every day.  It makes me smile.

Despite the sad, the bad and the ugly, it IS a beautiful world we live in.  We are constantly bombarded with news of war, hatred, natural disasters, people dying… and I could go on.  You know what I’m talking about.   Our world can seem like a very inhospitable place to live and we can see disappointment and danger everywhere without even searching it out.  I wonder how hard it would be to find something good, something absolutely pure, something inspiring that would balance things out or maybe even start to tip the scale.  I’m not talking about a pie-in-the sky, rose-colored glasses sort of optimism that says “Praise the Lord anyhow!” when you get your hand slammed in a car door.  I’m talking about documented tangible actions by real people around the globe.

It IS a wonderful world and I’m on the hunt for great material to prove it.  Can I find something daily?  I may need some help but I think it’s possible.

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