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Matt "Doc" King

Matt “Doc” King

This is my little brother, Matt “Doc” King.  He is a Calgary born-and-raised dual-citizen who snuck off to join the US Army after 9/11.  He has been out of the Army for over 5 years now and finally, two months ago, was officially diagnosed with PTSD.

Currently in the US, 22 veterans are committing suicide every day due to PTSD related causes.  This is an epidemic and it is unacceptable.

My brother, Matt, and another one of his veteran friends, Daniel Egbert are going to drive across the United States on motorcycles in a 22-day effort to bring hope to veterans with PTSD and exposure to leading research being done on this issue.

This is the letter I just posted on Facebook and sent out to my address book, I would love it if you could help get the word out and get Project 22 funded and in the hands of the veterans who need it:

Dear Friends,

My brother is a US Army vet with
PTSD and he is trying to get funding for a project to raise awareness and
bring hope to this community of vets that are committing suicide at the
rate of 22 a day.

Even if you can’t afford to donate, and believe me, I’ve been there, we
would really appreciate you helping us spread the word. They leave in 29
days! They raised just over $12,000 through paypal on their website and
have just launched an Indiegogo campaign in the hopes that it will give
them broader exposure.

This is my ask:

1. Please help us get the word out.

2. If you can afford to donate, please do so here:

3. If you have any connections to big corporations that would be interested
in sponsoring this documentary and road trip, please get in touch. We
could really use a connection with a motorcycle company who could donate or lend a bike to Dan, the other veteran on the road trip. Matt already has a
bike, not necessarily the best for a road trip but he will use it if they
can only get one bike.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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