Max Is Lucky

My husband has been working in New York since the beginning of March and we thought for sure that by now Max and I would have moved there too.  We have had almost daily Google Hangout sessions and have arranged visits back and forth but nothing is the same as having your dad with you day to day.  As the days have dragged on for me, I have had a lot of time to consider the kind of dad my husband is to Max and since tomorrow is Father’s Day I feel it is appropriate to give honor where honor is due.

Max is lucky to have a dad who loves him and has been invested in his development since day one.  I remember when Max was two days old and Josh wrapped our baby up and walked him around the back yard explaining as he went about the leaves and the breeze.  He has been like that ever since, always taking time to answer Max’s questions with patient and thorough answers.

Max is lucky to have a dad who likes to laugh and play with him.  I can already see some of Josh’s humor coming out in Max–both of them are a little too cheeky sometimes!

Max is lucky to have a dad who is one of the smartest guys around.  Max can explain to you that mosquitoes use a proboscis to suck blood and, believe me, he did not learn that from his mother.

Max is lucky to have a dad who has picked up the slack when his mom has been tired and grumpy.

And for many more reasons, Max is one lucky kid because his dad is really great.  Happy Father’s Day Josh!

For your further enjoyment here is a Father’s Day roundup of some posts I enjoyed this week:

What I Want My Dad To Know This Father’s Day | Erin Chrusch

Both of my parents have spent countless hours volunteering for various causes in our community. Perhaps one of their greatest lessons to us is that we have an obligation to use our time and talents for the benefit of others and it was taught – not by words – but by example. “We raised you to make a difference,” he once said to me and I’ve tried Dad. I’ve tried. (Click here to read more.)

Completely Grill-Free Father’s Day Menu And What My Dad Taught Me About Food | Maija’s Mommy Moments

If the special men in your life are also the masters of the grill (like in my family) then you’ll appreciate why I put together this 100% grill-free Father’s Day menu so the men we are celebrating can sit back and enjoy the day without worrying about having to fire-up the grill. (Click here to read more.)

All About My Dad Free Printable – Gifts for Fathers Day | Brooklyn Berry Designs

My husband and I have pretty much stopped buying gifts for each other on these occasions such as fathers day or mothers day.  IF we do buy something, its usually pretty small (read: not expensive).  We are not total scrooges because we do help the kids get gifts.  I love the idea of gathering some favorite things for dad.  Pop, treats, gift certificate to go golfing…. movie passes? And including something handmade from the kids.  (Click here to read more.)


  • Erin says:

    What a beautiful tribute. I don’t want you to leave, but I hope your family is reunited soon. (And thanks for sharing my story too.)

  • Maija @ Maija's Mommy Moments says:

    I really hope you are all together again soon. Thank you for sharing y post too!

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