Life Where We Are At Winefest

 Pictured above, from left to right, Misty, Merry and Elizabeth.

Life Where We Are At Winefest

Recommendations and good times with friends! This event sells out quickly so make sure you buy tickets early next year!

Storified by Misty Hamel· Thu, Feb 28 2013 10:43:18

I’ll be wearing @DonaldJPliner boots to @Winefest and wishing I had @tieks stashed in my bag! (cc: @Robynalana @SoPilon ) #winefest #yycMisty Hamel
After deciding what to wear, the rest of the decisions at Winefest were child’s play.  I just said, “Yes, please!”
Springbank Cheese #winefest Hamel
#Winefest #yyc recommendation | ALL of the cheeses from Springbank Cheese but especially the Coeur de Lion and the Vigneron.Misty Hamel
#Winefest #yyc recommendation | Olive oils and vinegars from @bluedoorOandV with bread from @COBSBreadMisty Hamel
@Misty_Hamel Loves for @BlueDoorOandV! I use the lime olive oil in my guacamole all the time :). #WinefestWendy P
#Winefest #yyc recommendation | Shinas Estate (Australia) booth is next to Springbank Cheese. Sweet Justice Moscato & Innocent ViognierMisty Hamel
#Winefest #yyc recommendation | G7 Wines (Chile) ALL of their Chardonnays!Misty Hamel
#Winefest #yyc recommendation | Enkidu (USA) Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot NoirMisty Hamel
#Winefest #yyc recommendation | RIMON (Israel) Port Style Pomegrantate Wine 2007 – grab a piece of dark chocolate first!Misty Hamel
@Misty_Hamel i liked their sparkly! #Winefestlaura bridgman
@laurabridgman Their port was so interesting, I should have tried all of them. #Rimon #WinefestMisty Hamel
#Winefest #yyc recommendation | Familia Zuccardi (Argentina) Ask for the Magna!Misty Hamel
Enjoyed #winefest with my friends @HomeToHeather @littlemissmocha @Merry120 @elizaboothyMisty Hamel
A good meal was in order at the end of the day and Holy Smoke BBQ ended up being the perfect choice!
Follow up to #winefest! holysmokebbq Hamel
Holy Smoke BBQ in Calgary is #winning! #yycfood Hamel
Max had spent the day with his cousin, Vin, and Nana and he dressed himself before they came to get us!
My son, in public, with too small pajama pants and his t-shirt on backwards. #thegoodlife Hamel
I can’t say enough good things about Winefest.  You really need to check it for yourself the next time it rolls around.  Cheers!

 My friend, Jen Taylor was also there and you can read her beautiful words about Winefest HERE.

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