I Feel Bad About My Cake

The late Nora Ephron wrote a book called “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman” and I have had the first part of that title stuck in my head ever since I saw the book on the Costco book tables.   It makes me laugh even though I don’t feel bad about my neck yet.  Nora charmed all of us in the many movies she wrote and produced.  I love how deftly she showed the comic flip side of life situations that are sad and depressing.

I feel bad about a lot of things:  my age, the fact that I can’t remember your name without a name tag, or hear you unless you are talking right in my ear, my lack of laundry skills, and I could go on… but today I feel bad about my Apple Cheddar Cake!

This recipe is from the Fine Cooking website which has rarely, if ever, failed me before this week.  One of my favorite cakes of all time is from Fine Cooking and most of my special dinner menus are concocted from either Fine Cooking magazines or this website.  So when I was browsing for #52Cakes inspiration at the beginning of the year I was so excited to find a recipe for Apple and Cheddar Cake.  I mean, seriously, how could apples and cheddar and cake go wrong?

Right from the start Josh gave me grief about it.  He likes to be obstinate about most things and I am used to him being a PITA. (Go learn what that means.)  I thought, I’ll prove him wrong, I’ll make it and he’ll like it!  He complained as I mixed ingredients and made statements like,

“52 Cakes is all about me!  Why would you be making a cake that I know I won’t like?”

I ignored him and kept on mixing.

Apple Cheddar Cake--not really a cake.

Apple Cheddar Cake–not really a cake.

It is good but it is not really a cake.  It is more like a great cornbread.  The granny smith apples are really nice additions that I would have never thought of adding to cornbread until I made this recipe, so I guess there is that.  But, I feel bad about my cake!  Maybe I feel bad because Josh was right?  Pfftt…really, I just feel bad that I didn’t get cake this week.

Come on, Week 4!  Bring us a winner!


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