How To Get Rid Of The Monday Blues

Finishing touches on the delicate Market Egg.

My dear fellow Calgarians,

I know that this Spring hasn’t brought as much nice weather as we had hoped it would.  This can bring about a serious case of the blues.  Mondays can also contribute to this syndrome so I have a suggestion for your Monday nights.

TOP CHEF CANADA!!!  There is nothing like watching a good food competition to put you in a better mood.  Especially when that competition includes three chefs from Calgary.  I have only had the privilege of eating food prepared by one of the competing chefs, Chef Geoff Rogers from Market restaurant and it really was a privilege.  If you would like to experience a live viewing of an episode of Top Chef  and taste food from the episode, you can do that tonight!  Make a reservation now and shake off the Monday blues!

***UPDATE***  This past Monday, Chef Rogers won the elimination challenge in Episode 6!  That would have been an awesome episode to watch live with him. 



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