Calgary, Beautiful Amidst The Flood Of 2013

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calgary-flood-2013-bench-lwwaIt is hard to fit words around the emotions that a natural disaster brings to a city.  It is hard to process the emotions and not feel numb.  It is hard to imagine that the rest of the world isn’t glued to Twitter like we have been over the past few days and it is hard to believe that normal life is happening anywhere else.

Along with this devastation, Calgary has also been flooded with some beautiful things.  We are blessed to have skilled public servants who are doing their jobs so well and for so many hours.  I think we have all observed the incredible outpouring of love and support that neighbor has shown to neighbor here in this city of over 1 million people.  The food trucks have fed emergency workers, restaurants and coffee shops have offered hot food and drinks and small grocery stores have fed their neighborhoods.  Calgary, you are beautiful!

I am going to leave you with some links to other posts with more details and information and finally with some images of our city as it was this morning.

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All images taken by my dad, Johnny King, and used with permission.  🙂


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