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The donuts from Jelly Modern were delicious, of course!

The donuts from Jelly Modern were delicious, of course!

It’s Spring time in Calgary and it’s snowing.  None of us are too happy about that but there is still a sense of excitement and expectation that has a lot of us Calgarians on the edge of our seats.  This week I went to the spectacular Theatre Grand Junction to see the launch of a video put together by Calgary Economic Development, Tourism Calgary, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre and the Calgary Hotel Association.  It was my first time at this venue and I was blown away by the theatre.   Built in 1912, the Grand is the oldest theatre in Western Canada and it is stunning.   I sat in a 100 year old piece of Calgary’s history and watched the up-and-coming artists, Jocelyn and Lisa, perform in a video about my hometown that brought tears to my eyes.  I have to say as a dual citizen, born in the States and raised in Calgary, I am proud to identify as a Calgarian.  We have a great city!

Please watch the video at and share it with your friends.  This was produced entirely in Calgary using local talent from the song writers, to the singers, to the production team and they did a phenomenal job showcasing Calgary for anyone looking to visit or move here.

After the launch of the video, we were treated to a performance by Decidedly Jazz.  It was called Turn Up The Get Down and I loved it.  I always enjoy good dancing and good music, this was a combination of very good dancing and some of the best live music I have heard in a long time.  The sound system at the Grand had me feeling the beat and it was all I could do not to get up and turn up my own get down!  Speaking of getting down, Jocelyn and Lisa performed their new single, Preach, and everything about the performance was perfection.  I am a huge, huge fan and will hopefully be able to catch one of their shows in the near future.

Thank you, Calgary, for reminding us of how beautiful and exciting you are.  After the winter, this is just what we all needed!

Do you have a local band or artist that you love? Please share!


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