Last Minute Shopping – A Classy Christmas Gift

87880_Frank_RatPack_preview[1]It’s that time of year again–Friends, family, holiday parties and gift guides are everywhere. I have come across some unique and special items lately thought I would share them with all you late shoppers out there.

The first gift suggestion I have for you is on the pricier end but it is a memorable and classy gift for any whiskey drinker in your life. Jack Daniel’s has released a special edition Frank Sinatra in Canada and being an Old No. 7 girl myself, I am quite impressed with it.

The key to the extra full character of Sinatra Select is the barrels that are used. The product is exposed to extra layers of toasted wood on the inner surface of the barrels because of the spiral grooves that they carve into the inside.  The extra rich barrels were mingled with classic Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and bottled at 90 proof resulting in a character that is full of oak and spice notes with a smooth vanilla finish.  The smooth, bold character of the whiskey is meant to embody the smooth, bold character of Sinatra himself whose 100th birthday tribute will be celebrated in 2015.

Take a look at this beautiful bottle–maybe you would like to see it on your own bar cart under the tree this year. Or maybe it could be the most elegant stocking stuffer you’ve ever seen.

Sinatra Select, an elegant stocking stuffer!

Sinatra Select, an elegant stocking stuffer!

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