What To Give To A Gentleman

It’s December 2nd and a lot of my friends are talking about having their Christmas shopping finished or almost finished.  Do you want to know how many gifts I have bought?  Zero.  That’s right, I am one of those that shops right up until Christmas Eve.  I am also one of those people always googling “what to buy a __ year old” or “what to buy for a foodie” for gift ideas.  I love those lists because they always introduce me to cool gift ideas that I wouldn’t have thought about on my own.  So this year I am giving back and making some gift suggestions and lists of my own here on Life Where We Are.

LVJ Haberdasher just launched their website and I love so many things about them.

#1. They are a local Calgary-based company.
#2. Their gorgeous men’s accessories are handmade here in Canada and the USA.
#3. The owner is a long time friend of mine and is not only sophisticated but also one of the sweetest guys you will ever do business with.

If you have a man in your life who likes to have unique, quality accessories give him one of these beautiful ties.  If you are a gentleman looking to stand out at all of the holiday functions this month, these products are worth checking out.  Bow Tie Thursdays anyone?  Kick it up a notch with LVJ’s sophisticated selection.

Please join me in wishing LVJ Haberdasher all the best in their new venture!

I would love to know where you are in your Christmas shopping and if there are any specific suggestions or lists you would like to see featured here.

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