What To Give An 8 Year Old Boy

Benjamin is 8 years old.  He would like to say this about himself:

“I am really funny.  I like to read and draw.  I love to play LEGO and read about it.  I play the piano and like to swim.  I also play Hexbugs, and I am in Cubs.”

Here is what is on the top of his Christmas wish list:

1.  LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle – it’s the only set with a green ninja.  It’s awesome!!!

2.  Hexbug Elevation Set – has 2 floors for the Hexbugs to play, and it comes with 2 rare hexbugs.

3.  LEGO Ninjago Cole’s Tread Assault – comes with a kind of rare minifigure, Scales.  I can’t get enough Ninjago!!!

4.  Snap Circuits Light Kit.  All Snap Circuit sets are cool.  This Light Set lets you hook up your iPod to the circuits and lights change to the beat of the music.

5.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Third Wheel.  It is quite hilarious!

Extra suggestions – gift cards – iTunes, Lego Store, Toys R Us, movies, Club Penguin


Colten – 8 years old

Colten is 8 years old. When asked to describe himself, this is what he had to say:

“My favourite TV show is Sponge Bob and I like to play baseball and go snowboarding and watch hockey. I like playing with Lego and Lego hero factory. I like playing with my brother sometimes but yesterday he threw a plastic llama at my head and I didn’t like that.”

These are the items that top off his Christmas wish list:

1.  Ipod touch or Nintendo 3ds

2.  Skylanders Giants game

3.  Bouncer from Skylanders

4.  Lego Ninjago the Green Ninja set

5.  The black ninja’s car in Lego Ninjago

Extra suggestion – New Snowboard boots

Don’t you love Benjamin’s enthusiastic descriptions?  And if you aren’t still laughing about the llama, something is wrong with you.  Also, I’m noticing a theme with the Lego Ninjago toys.  I wonder if that will carry on through the next age bracket.

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