What To Give A 9 Year Old

Micah is 9 and he is how he describes himself:

“I like to play with my friends, play Pokemon, watch movies, and have family time with my mom and dad. I like playing soccer and I play in the U9 division of the soccer league, my teams name is The Bluebirds or The Smurfs. Also, the Batman video game might be a little too violent because it’s rated 10+ and I’m only 9 still.””

1.  Pokemon White 2, Black & Pokemon Black 2 DSi video game

2.  Series of Pokemon Black & White graphic cartoon books

3.  Pokemon Arceas & The Jewel of Life DVD

4.  Lego Batman DSi video game

5.  Pokemon Cards & Card binder organizer

Extra suggestions:  Lego Star-wars Set

Note from Micah’s mom:  “Notice a (Pokemon) theme here?!  It’s a Pokemon kind of Christmas this year…  We like the Pokemon card game because it promotes advanced multiplication math skills and negotiation skills, not to mention in depth memorization of card types, details, names, etc… ”

Eva is 9 years old.  When asked to describe herself she said:

“I love gymnastics. I get to compete this year.”

She has the following on her wish list for Christmas this year:

1.  An iTouch.

2.  My own computer for my homework but it’s really expensive.

3.  A new plastic skateboard.

4.   Justice, Ivivva, Triple Flip or Claire’s gift cards.

5.  Matching gymnastics suits for me and my Maplea doll.

This is the last of our Gift Guides by Age for Christmas 2012.  Hope you found them useful and enjoyable!  A big thanks to all who participated!

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