What To Give A 5 Year Old

Ryan is 5 years old.  When asked what he would like readers to know about him he said,

“I like to go in my brothers’ room and play in it.”

Check out that mischievous grin!  Ryan listed 6 things that he would like to get for Christmas this year.

1. I wanna get Snappa from Ninjago. That’s a snake.
2. I want a Sensei Wu from Ninjago.
3. Samurai MEC robot. It’s actually an exo suit.
4. A Dora Stuffie.
5. NRG Jay from Lego Ninjago.
6. My own kitchen.

 Laila is 5 years old.  She likes gymnastics and LOVES to dance in her room.

Here are the top 5 things on Laila’s Christmas list:

1. A new Maplea doll.
2. Hip hop dance lessons.
3. A real telephone of my own to call my friends.
4. A mini trampoline in my room.
5. Candy.

These lists are getting very interesting.  I love how Ryan casually added a Dora Stuffie and a kitchen in the middle of all the Ninjago toys!  And how smooth is Laila, slipping in the request for a real telephone?

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