What To Give A 3 Year Old Boy

I recently sent out a survey asking kids of all ages to share what would be at the top of their Christmas wish list. Over the next week I will share the results with you.  Who knows?  Maybe you will get the inspiration you need for a child on your list.

Gordie is 3 years old.  He loves trains, running and playing on playgrounds.

The following items are the top 5 on his Christmas wish list this year:

1. A truck
2. Balloons
3. A car
4. A book
5. A car (again)

Noah is another 3 year old who shared his wish list with us with a little help from his outdoorsy mom.  He loves playing outdoors, playing with his trains, reading books, and building with his Lego.  He also loves to build puzzles.

1. Duplo Lego (or anything for building)
2. Children’s Snow shoes (Mommy’s idea really)
3. Books
4. Anything Thomas the Train
5. Puzzles!!!
6. My own paddle for canoeing next summer (another suggestion by Mommy)

With the exception of Noah’s mom wanting him to have his own paddle canoe and snow shoes, three year olds are very easy to buy for.  I also think it’s really cute that Gordie asked for a car twice.

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