What To Give A 7 Year Old

Jace is 7 years old and this is what he has to say about himself:

“I like to watch movies.  And I like to go for walks with mom and dad.  I like it when dad takes us out to eat.  I like to go to our cousins house and play.  My favorite TV shows are Sponge Bob, Star Wars the clone wars and Phineas and Ferb.  I like to play baseball and soccer.  My team always wins.”

1.  Air hogs battle tracker

2.  6 games for my Xbox 360.  One of them has to be minecraft.

3.  A movie. Rudolph kind.

4.  Some clothes that dad picks out.  Because dad picks the coolest clothes.

5.  Kinect for Xbox.     I also want the wii U.  With the Nintendo land game.  And the Lego city undercover game.  And the wii u Mario game.

Keenan  is also 7  years old.  He describes himself like this:

“I love Ninjago. I like to watch it on TV. I like to play legos. I am a big brother”

Keenan has selected, and described, some very specific things for his Christmas wish list!

1.  Epic Dragon Battle from Ninjago.  It has a four headed dragon.

2.  Cole’s Tread Assault from Lego Ninjago.  It comes with Scales the Hypnobrai General.  It shoots a big missile.  When you switch it over it turns into a snake vehicle.

3.  NRG Kai vs. Chokun from Ninjago.  It comes with two spinners, and it comes with booster packs.

4.  NRG Zane Spinner Pack from Ninjago.

5.  Small Toopy and Binou Stuffies.

Sophia just turned 7!  Happy Birthday, Sophia!   When asked to describe herself, she said:

 “I like gymnastics and I LOVE soccer. I also love to do reading homework and draw pictures with my sisters.”

1.  An iTouch.

2.  Makeup.

3.  Taylor Swift music.

4.  A kitty.

5.  Mostly an iTouch.

This post has me thinking that 7 year old girls are easier to buy for than boys!  What do you think?


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