My Curious Path to the Calgary Home + Design Show

An invitation, a Facebook status and a catalog in the mail.  Three events unrelated yet related and sending me into spiraling daydreams and a world that makes me smile.  Shall I tell you?  Yes, I shall and I shall share something special as well!

The Catalog

I love getting catalogs in the mail.  Even the tacky ones are good for a laugh.  Today’s delivery, however, is far from tacky.   Design Within Reach is one of the most solid catalogs out there for interior design.  Classic and modern, timeless and fresh, I can flip it open to any page and press a wishful finger to a chandelier or a chair that would be perfect in many homes.

Browsing a Design Within Reach catalog brings me back to my days working with Evelyn Benatar of New York Interior Design.  Some of my favorite memories are of the days we spent sourcing in Soho and DWR was always on the list of places to go.

The Facebook Status

This morning I noticed Evelyn’s Facebook status and for a minute I was depressed.  It said:

“Please spread the word, I am looking for a new #Interior #Design #assistant.  2 days per week, must live near the North Shore. Please call 516-482-4787 for more info… “

Yes, I will admit it, I wanted my old job back!  For a few moments I wished I could run away from my life as I know it.  I wish I could run to New York and roam the halls of the D&D building again.  I wondered what the window displays look like right now and if Donghia or Clarence House had the most interesting new fabrics and wall coverings.  I connected with some of my old showroom contacts on LinkedIn and told myself that they would remember me fondly.

Then Max woke up from his nap and I took him to a playdate.  His hair was fluffy and he had a wild mohawk of curls.  I snapped out of my daydream and enjoyed my moments with him.  This is my life and it is just as beautiful and complex as a paisley design from Etro.

I also reminded myself of something to look forward to.  Something here, in Calgary, in my life.

An Invitation

I received an invitation to bring Max to the Calgary Home + Design Show and take part in their new fun-filled feature – Family Day!  I love Design Shows because you can always find something to inspire you.  This year they are making it even better for those of us with kids and adding a day full of kid-friendly activities.  Bob the Builder is making a guest appearance and that is perfect since Max has just started watching him in the past month.

I also received 4 Complimentary Tickets to give away on my blog!
If you are interested in winning you can enter here and/or on our Facebook page.   We will use to choose a winner from the entrants in both places.  

*Update – the contest is over and we have two winners, Katie C. and Jacqueline S.  If you didn’t get our email notification, please comment and let us know.  I will be mailing out the tickets ASAP.  Enjoy the show!

If you are planning on going to Family Day then you need to get there early!  The first 100 kids to the DIY for Kids feature will get to take home a selection of crafternoon projects!  That should give you some peace of mind for a few afternoons.  There are also exclusive grab bags for the first 200 mom and pops through the door.

The Calgary Home + Design Show is at the BMO Centre at Stampede park.
The dates for the show are September 20-23.
For more information check out their website.

Questions for you:
Do you have moments of longing for days gone by?
Do you have a favorite catalog, tacky or glam?
Are you planning on attending the Calgary Home + Design Show?  

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