Las Tortillas – Best Tacos in Calgary

I am so excited to have found authentic Mexican food in Calgary.   Some place new?  Not exactly.  I’ve been buying their amazing corn tortillas for some time at Salsita on Northmount Drive but, tragically, I had not gone to Las Tortillas itself.  Las Tortillas not only make their own fresh corn tortillas they also use those tortillas to make really yummy tacos.  They are located at Bay #2, 4100 Marlborough Drive NE in Calgary.

Do not be deterred when you arrive at this little store in a tiny strip mall on Marlborough Drive.  Do not be deterred when you walk in the store and see one communal table that only seats six people.  Walk to the counter and order yourself some food!

The menu is simple.  You can order tamales or tacos.  The tamales are really good but the tacos are bang on and they are what you will end up going back for!  Your 5 choices for taco fillings are: pastor (pork), barbacoa (beef), camaron (shrimp), tinga (chicken), and lengua (tongue).  We tried pastor, barbacoa, tinga and lengua.  All were great but if you are just ordering one I would go with the barbacoa.   Also, the lime slice that they put on the side, go ahead and squeeze that over all your tacos and dig in!

Tacos and Tamale – Las Tortillas 2012

Las Tortillas was quite busy when we went for lunch.  We ended up sharing our table with another family and since I love communal dining it was perfect.  If a restaurant is more your style, the family who owns and operates Las Tortillas has just opened Oro Azul at 3725 Memorial Drive NE.  They don’t have a full menu yet but they are currently serving tacos (not quite as good as the ones at Las Tortillas), tamales and an occasional Mexican Breakfast Buffet.

Oro Azul on Memorial Drive in Calgary

Tacos – Oro Azul 2012

If you haven’t already been, you owe it to yourself to check out Las Tortillas.  While you are there, buy a bag of fresh tortillas to bring home and in check out my post on Quesadillas – The Quintessential Snack!

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