Do You Just “Suck It Up”?

I remember when I had a very romantic view of the mother I was going to be. My vision involved a lot of made-from-scratch meals, a garden, five happy kids, and a husband who couldn’t wait to come home from work to have dinner with all of us. (I know, so very old-fashioned of me.) Do you hear that hysterical laughter?  Yep. That’s me.  I am a work-at-home, single mom of one amazing boy and he eats a lot of cream cheese and jelly sandwiches.

Thankfully, I have a solid support system but I still feel like I am going crazy a lot of the time. It doesn’t matter if you work outside the home, work at home, or are a full-time, stay-at-home parent, I think you always feel like you are letting some important things fall through the cracks. Our society has come a long way, Baby, but we have a long way to go before we figure out this work/life balance.

Today, I came across a video of Michelle Obama being interviewed at the Working Families Summit. One thing that the First Lady shared is her belief that “our first job is to make sure that our kids are on point.” So true and, for me, so difficult to remain focused on while trying to figure out how to be a successful, and independent single mom.

I’m sharing a funny clip from the interview that we can all relate to, but when you get some time, please watch the entire video and let me know your thoughts either in the comments below or on the Life Where We Are Facebook page. Do you have the flexibility and salary that you need in order to be happy or fulfilled?



  • Jay says:

    Very hard to find that balance sometimes, but I think we’re fortunate to have our priorities in line, and have enough resources not to struggle too hard.

    That being said, we still struggle hard!!! 🙂

    You have a great looking blog Misty!!

    • Misty Hamel says:

      Hey Jay!

      I think it’s all a struggle in some form or another. If it’s not finances, it’s time, health, stress, or something else that is threatening to throw everything off balance. Those who say their life is perfect all the time, are delusional. 😉 IMHO

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Michelle says:

    I agree… a perfect life doesn’t exist. I just try to focus on what’s important and no beat myself up to hard. Even if you have all the resources at hand there’s always going to be some area which could be better… and that’s just life unfortunately!

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