Inappropriate Easter Ad For Your Good Friday Amusement

It’s Good Friday and it’s a good FridayIMG_9899.  The day started off perfectly, Josh got up with Max this morning and I slept in.  Then I made a coffee, pulled a fleecy on over my pajamas and walked to the end of the driveway with Max in the beautiful 50 degree Fahrenheit weather.  Oh yes, blue skies and sunshine!  Max grabbed the paper and raced me back to the house.  All was peaceful as we ate breakfast, shared the paper and chatted as a family.  Then to top it all off, I came across an ad in the paper that amused me.  Oh I love to be amused!

Before I comment on the ad you should understand two things. First, I do not comment casually on matters that relate to religion.   Second, I am normally extremely bothered if I see a church behaving inappropriately.  After all, churches should operate with honest and pure intentions.  I realize that no one is perfect and even church leaders make mistakes.  Being raised in a pastor’s home, I have great empathy for pastors who are sincere and great anger for those who aren’t.  There is not a lot of room for error when you choose church leadership as your calling.

In my opinion this ad is far beyond the realm of inappropriate but, I am not angered.  I am amused.  I am saddened.  I am cringing!  Really, Point Church?  A celebrity endorsement on your Easter ad?  Joel Osteen pastors a church 1700 miles away and you think a picture of the smiling charmer with his arm around you and an endorsement that comes off as paid for is going to be the big draw for your Easter service?  Wow!  I am resisting calling you up and saying,  “WTF?  WWJD?”  Seriously!  Next time, just a suggestion mind you, take Osteen off and maybe name drop The Big Guy.  It is His day and you didn’t mention Him once in your half-page ad.  Thanks for the laugh though!

For those of you wondering who Joel Osteen is, I found a great post called Watching Joel Osteen by Arlene Sanchez-Walsh who is currently writing on Pentecostalism In America for Columbia University Press.

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